Self Centering Drill Bits

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With the Self Centering Drill Bits, drilling perfectly centered holes for your hinges, drawer guides and just about any other hardware for your projects couldn't be easier! These bits simplify the task of pre-drilling holes for hinges or other screw-mounted hardware by ensuring that the hole is accurately centered every time. These bits feature extremely precise machined components including a retractable hardened bushing for center drilling directly in the hardware you choose.

Product Features:

  • Precise positioning which ensures the drill does not move when in use
  • Easy to use and install, perfect for installing door hinges and more
  • High-speed steel body design is highly durable
  • Sawdust will be automatically discharged from the holes on both sides and will not block the drill
  • Get accurately centered holes for hinges, handles, drawer slides, etc.
  • Package Includes: 4 common sizes used by carpenters, cabinet & furniture makers and other wood working trades


Drill Bit Sizes:

  • 5/64 inch, drilling hole diameter: 2mm, use 2.2 - 2.8mm self-tapping screw
  • 7/64 inch, drilling hole diameter: 2.8mm, use 3 - 3.5mm self-tapping screw
  • 9/64 inch, drilling hole diameter: 3.5mm, use 4 - 4.5mm self-tapping screw
  • 11/64 inch, drilling hole diameter: 4.5mm, use 5 - 5.5mm self-tapping screw